How The Piqua Shawnee Tribe Have Been Living Since The Past The Shawnee people have been labelled as nomadic by the historians because they have found evidence proving that they moved from North America and settled in other places. However, this tribe has held on to its family unit for a long time. The place that has been considered as home by the Shawnee people is Alabama state. For that reason, some historians have argued that the Shawnee people have stayed in that place for a long period than any other place. The first evidence of the Shawnee tribe as proven by some archeologists is that they occupied the Alabama state initially before other tribes came. The facts that have been put forth by some specialists have disputed the view that the Shawnee tribe has been Alabama state for not a long time. The tribe had a unique way of burying their kin, and there are thus burial locations in some parts of the Alabama state. There were some policies that were brought by the rulers, and this did not please some of the inhabitants, and they thus relocated to other areas. After the chaos reduced, there are some families that came back. A majority of families, however, chose to stay on the outskirts where there were no harassment by government officials and neighbors who were peaceful. The family stories and culture were passed down to the younger generation despite them having lost a lot during the chaos with the rulers. The Piqua people have lived to that, and they love their heritage. The larger composition of the Shawnee people can be traced in other countries. The other members of the Piqua Shawnee are found in eight other states. Due to the wide dispersion of Piqua Shawnee families, there are tribal gatherings which alternate to prevent people from traveling further from others. There is the position of an overall chief whose office is determined by the popularity they have with the people. While there is the principal chief; there is also a tribal government that is protected by a tribal council. The Council is comprised of the top leadership of the tribe and these include the council of elders, clan chiefs and clan mothers. The tribal council carries out its activities according to what the clan says.
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All the matters and problems that arise at the tribal council are shared with all the clans so that there are deliberated. There was transparency in the undertakings of the council, and this was clearly brought out by the way they sought for consensus on all the tribal matters. A majority of Indian ladies wore long skirts while the men wore breechcloths. They also kept their hair long except for those instances when there was a war.Looking On The Bright Side of Tribes

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