Accidents happen every day, sometimes there’s just no avoiding it. Unfortunately, not all accidents work out the way they should. Sometimes, the victim ends up paying for damages out of their own pocket even though they deserve to be compensated by the responsible party. There are 5 Big Blunders Made by Accident Victims without a Lawyer that should be avoided in order to help make sure the responsible party pays for their mistake.

Avoiding Doctors

When making a claim for compensation it’s necessary to prove that there’s a reason the victim should be compensated. If injuries are suffered proof will need to be provided. The victim might not even realize they’re injured. If they don’t visit a doctor there’s no way to tell. One of the first things the victim should do is visit a medical care provider for a full evaluation.

Failing to Act Quickly

There’s a certain time frame in which the victim must act in order to avoid a claim denial. When an accident occurs the first thing to do is contact emergency services. That phone call should be immediately followed by a call to a lawyer. Taking action right away shows the court that the victim is taking the matter seriously and that they want the compensation they deserve. Taking too long to act could result in a complete denial of the claim.

Honesty is the Best Policy

The lawyer handling the case is going to need all the facts. This means that the victim must relay them as they are known. Providing anything less than completely accurate information can hurt the case and make things much more difficult. It’s important that the victim is completely honest about everything.

Accepting a Settlement

In most cases, the responsible party’s insurance provider will try to offer a settlement right away. This low ball offer will most likely be much less than what the victim deserves and should be ignored.

Making a Statement

All it takes is a single statement to shift the blame to the victim. No statement should be given to the police or anyone else besides the lawyer hired to handle the case by the victim.

Avoid These 5 Big Blunders Made by Accident Victims without a Lawyer