What Recruitment is All About Various disciplines and social circles define recruitment differently. Recruitment in the armed forces is the enlisting of more soldiers. In health circles, recruitment means the incorporation of cells from elsewhere in the body into a tissue or region. For the sake of this discussion we will concentrate on recruitment from the human resource circles. Recruitment in business circles can be defined as a process of finding the best qualified candidate for a particular job in the most cost effective manner. A company can recruit either from within or outside the business. most companies enlist the help of human resource personnel to do their recruitment. The process of hiring new staff can be quite a tasking one. There is concern of how new recruits will fit in the company. That is why the process needs to be handled carefully and seriously by professionals. A company’s resources in terms of money and time are also used up during the recruitment process. . The human resources department eases a company’s challenges when recruiting.
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There are various stages when it comes to recruiting. First step after identifying a vacant position is to advertise it. Some companies will fist make the announcement internally. An external announcement is then made if no one within the company qualifies for that post. There are various of sending recruitment posts, either in newspapers , the internet, notice boards or by using mobile phones
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The recruitment panel is then basically bombarded with hundreds of applications. It may take a bit of time to shortlist some chosen candidates as they all have different skills and qualifications. Once this is done, shortlisted candidates are called for the initial interviews. Some recruitment panels may be composed of just one person while some may have as many as ten. The interviewer has the task of getting the vital information from the applicant during the interview. some companies hire right after the first interview while others do a second and eve third one. It is in the company’s best interest to recruit the best candidate to avoid loses in finances time and resources. Many people fear going through the recruitment process but with planning it should be smooth. It is necessary that the recruitment panel maintains fairness during the process and that candidate are able to report any problems. Recruitment process should enable a company to add to their task force the best candidate for the post at that particular time.

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