Simple Termite Control Methods That Work It can be very inconveniencing having your home infested with termites. Other than making a place look dirty and unhygienic, they can also cause extensive damage. This is because they feed on wood and thereby destroy the structural integrity of buildings. Getting rid of termites is simpler than many people imagine it to be. While some techniques require technical assistance, others are so simple that they are do-it-yourself. Below are the simple but effective termite control methods. The first thing you can do is to remove the things that attract termites in the first place. You will mostly find a lot of termites where there is broken or moist wood. You should, therefore, repair all damaged wood quickly before it becomes infested with termites. Also repair any leaks within the whole house and get rid of all unwanted moisture. Storing your valuables in plastic containers instead of cardboard boxes can also go a long way in controlling termites. It is possible to control termites using natural methods, without using any chemicals. Once you know the biology and physiology of termites; you can use this knowledge to control them. Very low or very high temperatures and their natural predators can help control termites. In order to get temperatures that are low enough to kill termites, you can use liquid nitrogen. Whenever possible, flood the termite nests or dig them up and expose them to the sun. These techniques are good for getting rid of small termite populations. Termite baits have been proven to help control termite populations. Normally you will place the baits throughout the premises and use them to attract the hiding termites. The termites usually eat the bait and carry it to the nest which kills the entire nest. Since there are many types of baits available look for their reviews and choose the highly rated ones. You can also consult a professional to help you choose a good bait. Building a termite barrier is around your premises another simple way of controlling termites. This involves digging a trench around your home and then treating the soil with termiticides or other pesticides. This barrier will either kill any approaching termites or repel them away from your home. This is a long term solution as most chemicals used to treat the soil remain potent for a long time. Finally, you can also try wood treatment as a termite control method. For this technique, you will apply chemicals on the wood which will either repel or kill the termites. All you need for this technique is the chemical and the time to do the treatment. Consult a professional who can help you choose the right chemical and the right application method. The good thing about all these techniques is that they are affordable but effective.

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