St. Louis Commercial Cleaning: Vinyl Floor Cleaning Facts and Benefits

Good floor care is important to any business establishment or office, for a more visually appealing and well-maintained floor for your employees and your customers. Professionally cleaned floors can significantly extend the lifespan of your floors, most especially high traffic areas such as hallways, entryways, and doorways which are prone to grit and dirt, which can lead to permanent floor damage. It is best to always keep a doormat to keep dirt and chemical out of your floor’s finishing, most especially grit acting like sandpaper to help remove the finish from your floor. Even asphalt chemicals are not noticeable, these can stick to your shoes and can stick to the flooring, causing your floor to turn color yellow.

Like any other types of flooring, always keep your vinyl floor clean so it is always in good shape. Make sure that you get the dirt off before it gets ground in, so your vinyl floor will last longer. If there is a hairspray buildup on the vinyl floor of your salon business, you can use a commercially prepared solution or mix a squirt of shampoo with a gallon of warm water, mop, and then rinse with a damp mop. As much as possible, use a mild cleaning method for your vinyl flooring, such as vacuuming or sweeping it every after working hours, and wiping up spills right away. If all else fails, you can try using a soap to make sure it is designed for your flooring. If ever your no-wax vinyl needs cleaning, you can wash it using no-wax floor cleaner and carefully follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Dampen a sponge or mop and rub the floor just enough for loosening the dirt. An overly wet mop will allow water to seep into cracks, edges, and seams, and it can lead to the destruction of glue bond that is holding down the vinyl, causing the corners to curl or the vinyl to lose.

Soap can make your vinyl floor clean but soap scum may leave a film, collecting dirt over time, so it’s important to make sure that all soap is rinsed properly. For “no-wax” vinyl floors, you can preserve the sheen by not applying wax because it will not adhere well to the coating, leaving a mess that needs floor stripping. It is important to outfit your furniture as well as the large appliances using protectors that can be bought in hardware stores and home improvement centers. Commercial cleaning professionals can help you make your office flooring clean and appealing. Allow a commercial cleaning service professional to help you for a clean and appealing office flooring.

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