Nail Trimming Techniques for Dogs

Nail trimming makes an important part of grooming your dog. If you have never trimmed pets nails, you may find it so challenging but with time you will be doing it with a lot of ease. One of the easiest routine in the grooming of pets is nail clipping. Many people still cannot clip the nails of a pet in the proper way. It is advisable not to leave your dogs without trimming them as they can cause it too much discomfort when they break and start bleeding. Nails that are too long may san on things like carpets , furniture and clothing.

If you don’t trim your dog’s nails regularly, they might grow back to the paw pads. Nails that grow back can be difficult to remove and can cause pain to the dog. First you should purchase nail clippers that matches the size of your dog. In the market, there are several pairs of nail clippers that are designed specifically for certain types of animals. To avoid exposing your dog to harm, you should ensure that the nail clipper that you select I the right one for it. You may seek the help of a vet when choosing nail clippers for your dog.

After selecting the right nail clippers for your dog, you should present them to it to avoid misbehavior when you start clipping the nails. In this case, you can leave the clippers with the dog to sniff them and get used to them before you start trimming the nails. You should now hold your dog in a gentle but very firm way for you to stat clipping the nails. The best position is normally to make the dog lie down on their arms and hold the paws by your hands. If you are worried of the dog nipping at you, you can try using a muzzle.
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It is after the dog has lied down in the right position that you can start clipping its nails slowly by slowly. During the clipping process, you be careful enough not to get too close to the quick to avoid hurting your dog. it can be hard to identify your dog’s quick incase the nails are darker. If this is the case, you clip the nails in bits until they reach the length that you wanted. The bleeding that occur as a result of clipping can be stopped by using a powder product meant for pets. Following this process, you can continue trimming your dog’s nails until they reach the length that you desire.What No One Knows About Cats

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