The Difference Between Laser Hair Removal And Intense Pulse Light

If you want to have a flawless skin without the unwanted hair, you can do this with laser hair removal. You will like this way more than shaving or waxing where you need to do it every day or every week. The laser hair removal has become popular which is why many people choose to go to laser hair clinic. You just need a few session to remove the unwanted hair permanently.

Perhaps, you have tried laser treatment before and find visiting to the clinic costly, there are still home options for you. Maybe, you also want to try the laser treatment but you are just hesitant to expose the part of the body you want to be treated. This is why home laser treatment can be the best choice for you. There are several home laser treatment for you and one of them is the intense pulsed light.

Intense pulsed light is referred to as IPL. This works similarly to a laser hair removal. The light works on the hair shaft and roots and the pigment call melanin. When the hair absorbs light, it is converted to heat energy which will vaporize the hair shaft and root immediately. As a result, the heat destroys the whole hair follicle permanently.
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There are many advantages with the use of IPL. Unlike the laser treatment, it is faster and cheaper. It only works based on the wavelength that are needed to destroy the hair follicles but cannot damage the skin. In this way, you get the maximum effect of laser hair removal but without the risk of burns, blisters, and UV damage. The light of IPL wand doesn’t have longer duration. Thus, you will not feel any major discomfort during the whole procedure.
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What is the difference between laser and IPL? Many people do not the difference between laser and IPL. Some are aware on how it works and the dangers associated with it.

Originally, IPL is made to treat other skin conditions like skin rejuvenation and thread vein treatment. Both the doctors and patients saw the hair loss effect. Therapeutic lasers were created to give hair loss effect.

Both IPL and laser removal work in the same way. Both of them work to hit the melanin within the hair and destroy the follicle. The differences between them is the light source and the way it is distributed.

Because the lasers are single wavelength device, their light source is focused which can target individual hairs. Meanwhile, IPL is a wide wavelength, which means it targets wide areas.

When it comes to pain level of laser and IPL, they are just the same. It is like being flicked by a hot rubber band. But there are reputable clinics which can provide safety and comfort to the client.

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