What Is An Otoplasty Surgery? Have you ever heard of the popular saying “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”? This is very true because we all have different opinions when it comes to a beautiful or a perfect face. Today, if you are not satisfied with a specific part of your face, you use make up to conceal it. This is possible for the most parts of your face but keep in mind that your ears will always stand alone. Even if this is the case, there is still hope for people that would like to redesign the appearance of their ears. This process is known as otoplasty or ear reshaping surgery. Aside from the fact that an ideal otoplasty surgery improves the physical appearance of your ears, it should also maintain it’s level of functionality. For as long as you find yourself a reputable and qualified plastic surgeon, you don’t have to worry about losing your ability to hear.
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People get otoplasty surgery for many different reasons. Correcting a genetic defect, repairing an injury, and creating a perfect symmetry on a person’s face are just some of the most common reasons as to why people go through this type of surgery.
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Being nervous before getting your otoplasty surgery is only normal, if you think about, any surgery will involve risks. Before you go through this type of surgery, it is important that your doctor examines your overall health. Being honest and open to your plastic surgeon when it comes to your health and condition is also very important. Tell him your expectations and what you want to see after the surgery. When planning to get an otoplasty surgery, it is very important that you first research on your plastic surgeon. Since we are now in the digital age and most people can easily access the internet, this task should not be a problem at all. To research on the educational background, area of specialization, and experience of your plastic surgeon, you have to look for his website online. His contact details, clinic address, and even the services he offers are also posted online. To guarantee that you are safe and that you will be pleased with the end result of your plastic surgeon’s work, it is important that you look for any samples of his previous otoplasty surgeries. While you are doing your research, it is also important that you read any reviews or testimonials about your plastic surgeon. Researching on your potential plastic surgeon will give you the peace of mind that you will be safe and that you will be happy with your ears after the surgery.

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