Physicians rarely think about becoming sick and disabled themselves, which can create problems if disaster strikes. Standard disability insurance is a great option but does not come close to replacing the salary a doctor makes if they are disabled and unable to work. Physicians Disability Insurance provides peace of mind, by acting as a safety net should a medical professional lose their pay as a result of an injury. In addition to salary replacement, many policies offer a broad range of coverage options that can alleviate stress and pressure should a disability occur. Here are a few reasons to consider purchasing long and short term disability insurance.

Student Loan Coverage

It is estimated that a doctor will have accumulated nearly $188,000 worth of student loan debt by the time they graduate and receive their license to practice. When a physician loses income, it can make meeting the steep minimum payments nearly impossible, and leave them choosing between food and paying their loans. Disability insurance will help cover these expenses, whether the loss of income is short-term (12 months or less) or long-term in nature.

Resident Coverage

Though not considered physicians, resident doctors are students who have finished their formal education and are getting the on-the-job training required to obtain their license. Most residents are paid a fraction of actual physicians, and are rarely offered benefits by the hospital they are studying at. They too can bridge the gap should a disability occur by opting to purchase a personal disability policy.

Professional Discounts

Many doctors spend a lot of money on the clothes and scrubs they need to wear when practicing. The expense of these items can quickly add up, but a disability insurance company will offer discounts on these articles. This allows a physician to offset the cost associated with the disability premium and enable them to start taking full advantage of their benefits from day one.

Even physicians need peace of mind financially, and disability insurance provides just that. Trust the company that Hospital Endorsed Experts have chosen for years: InsureSTAT. They offer a broad range of policies that fit any budget, and policies can go into effect in as little as 48 hours after an application is submitted. Remove the stress of the unknown by learning more about their insurance products today.

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