Choosing to Buy a New Property or a Used One Similar to buying a new car over a used one encroaches two different grounds to edge in. The determining factor when buying a brand new house is the price tag, while the house condition is the determining factor when buying a second hand house. Similarly, the determining factors when it comes to buying a new property that has never been lived in but constructed earlier on , is the price, while buying a home that is being resold or foreclosed will be determined by its condition. The price tag is a very important consideration whether you are buying brand new or a used one and one has to see what is behind the price or the inherent value of the house. But the point that I want to make is that, when it comes to buying brand new, since the market inventory is much-much higher than the slim chance of finding a used one, one’s engagement is more of comparing one over the other in terms of the features found in each since you have a multiple choice. If there are only a few choices then you don’t have to do that. What you are to look for in these brand new homes are the latest construction material, having the latest technology built into it, cooling and heating, , newer and better materials used , insulation, alarm systems, speaker systems, internet wiring ,cable, solar, etc. And like buying a car these days, you can choose something custom made that fits well with your preferences. But this is not the case when buying used houses since you don’t only have less choices, you will also have the apprehension of the repairs that it would require.
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Another big factor when choosing from used houses, is its maintenance. But this determining factor is not used with new properties. With brand new appliance, plumbing, heating and etc. you should except warranties for the next several years or repair free for at least a few years, including lower utility bills since you are not only using a brand new unit plus the fact that newer models are promoting products that are more energy efficient.
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Buying from a home builder over a home owner also carried with it a distinct manner in the way they handle business with a client. If you are one of the first purchasers from a home builder, then you might even be getting good discounts from the sale in order to keep the ball rolling since when people see that new homes are being bought, others are encouraged to follow promptly. Homeowner’s filled with emotional attachments to the house is likely to give it out just like that.

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