When a person is accused of a crime, there are instances where having the advice and services of an attorney like Powers McCartan PLLC can be extremely helpful. These services can help a person in a variety of ways. Even if a person feels that their legal situation is too minor to concern an attorney, simply consulting with one may give a person a clearer idea of what needs to be done.

In instances where the case is cut and dry and a person is being convicted of their first offense, speaking with an attorney will likely only result in the attorney saying that they don’t actually need their services. There’s very little an attorney can do to prevent any long-term repercussions because, many times, there aren’t any long-term repercussions in these situations. The state of North Carolina, especially with minor or first-time incidents, are dealt with through corrective punishments, such as requirements to go to drug or alcohol abuse classes or to do community service.

There are instances where a person may have a more serious criminal issue. This can arise from a first incident that involved somebody getting seriously hurt or even killed, such as is common with certain drunk driving incidents. There are also times where a person may be a repeat offender. In these instances, an attorney is going to be helpful for a number of assets. The attorney may be able to prove a person’s innocence, especially if the situation surrounding the incident is uncertain.

There are also times where the evidence against a person is overwhelming. In these instances, the criminal attorney can help a person to avoid some of the stiffer penalties that can typically be associated with significant crimes or repeat offenders.

Whether you’re in a situation where you only need to consult with an attorney or you need the services of a criminal attorney, it’s good to speak with an attorney regardless. Having the advice from an attorney can help a person move forward, whether they plan to plead guilty or they need the help of a lawyer to mitigate the worst possible scenario.

Why a North Carolina Criminal Attorney’s Services Should Not be Overlooked